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Organized by Robin Lynch, Kathleen Ditzig and Debbie Ding, OFFSHOREART.CO is a platform that thinks through offshore economies as a way of understanding global infrastructures and the narratives that support them. Often used with respect to foreign banks, corporations, investments and deposits, offshore is a concept that underpins the institutional life of exchange in our current era of globalism. Frequently a privileged structure of 'otherness', it can speak to an independent legal, political zone or outlying subsidiary of the state that addresses deficiencies in centers of power.
Defined by movement, relocation and concealment, the offshore is an articulated pattern in contemporary economic, social and political life. Within the frame of the CCS Bard graduate program, identifies the art world and curatorial discourse generally as one such 'offshore economy'. This first iteration of the project includes this website, Roundtripping, a project at CCS Bard, and two Google+ hosted conferences on 29th and 30th April 2015 from 3 to 5pm EST.

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